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Top Three Ways to Pass That Interview in Manila

October 14, 2013 | Filed under: interview

So you’re sitting in the interview room and waiting for the HR to come out. You’re feeling uneasy. Your palms are in cold sweat. Indeed, you need this job  as you have been jobless for almost the entire year. There are bills to pay and unless you get this job in Manila, you may default on upcoming obligations. Luckily you have your foot in the door. You passed the phone interview and the nice lady in the phone seemed to like you. Now you have to hurdle the final interview.

Fortunately, most HR are not that tough in the final interview. Your skills have already been verified in the initial interview. There’s no need to rehash those. Your primary task in the final interview is to demonstrate the right personality and the perfect attitude. You’re telling the interviewer “I deserve this job because I’ll fit right and and be value adding.People can work well with me and me with them”

There are only three things to remember in order to pass the final interview. Keep this safe in mind an you can ace any position and with anyone Read more…

Jobs in the Philippines : Health Careers – a Quick Glance at Opportunities You Can Try

October 7, 2013 | Filed under: Careers


Health careers are something that you should look into if you are thinking of changing directions in your life or if you are in need of a new job (as so many are). This is an industry where there are always some jobs available because more and more people are in need of health care. One reason why the demand for health care is growing is that the Baby Boom generation is aging and has the need for more medical care. When it comes to health careers, as you will see from this article, there are lots of different fields to choose from.

The well-being industry is in vast need of clinical technicians. For persons competent in the art of healing, at hand are numerous jobs in Hongkong.For cities and municipalities like Kuala Lumpur, jobs are highly available- frequently more than the job seekers them selves. Are you geared up to apply?

Dental assistants are in demand pretty much everywhere. These are health professionals who work in the dentist’s office and assist with all sorts of things like taking x-rays, set up the patient for procedures, track a patient’s medical records and lots of other tasks. If you’re going to work in this type of environment, you have to be sociable and able to make patients feel at ease, as many people are nervous about going to the dentist. It’s important to be alert in this job so that you can assist the dentist in any way that is needed, like handing instruments to him or her while procedures are being performed. Most community colleges have programs that offer Dental Assistant Certification.

Philippine Jobs: Find the Right Careers in Health Related Arenas

October 7, 2013 | Filed under: Careers


Health careers offer people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to enter a growing area of the economy. There are many types of jobs in the health sector, whether you want to work in a doctor’s office, a hospital or even from home. Here are some of the options that you can explore once you’ve decided to pursue a health career.

The fitness trade is in huge want of professional medical experts. For folks qualified in the art of healing, there are plentiful jobs in Australia.For cities and municipalities like Kuala Lumpur, jobs are highly available- quite often more than the job seekers themselves. Are you geared up to apply?

Medical secretaries perform an essential function in the medical field and if you have good organizational skills you might want to consider this career. You need to know your computer programs, like database management, word processing, and spreadsheets, to make it as a medical secretary. You will be responsible for keeping a medical office running smoothly, which involves updating and keeping track of medical records. In this position, you will be dealing with the doctors, and also the patients, and your work will be at some institution, hospital or the office of the doctor. To become familiar with the medical procedures, and the terminology used, having an Associate’s degree would be a valuable asset. The medical profession likes to use a lot of x-rays, and these are taken whenever they are needed by an x-ray technician, who is also known as a radiological technologist. The importance of this position is to know how to use a very technical machine, and how to position the patient to get the right x-rays. In this type of job, you’ll be taking x-rays for radiologists and other doctors to evaluate the conditions of patients. Since you are constantly using the x-ray machine, you need to keep if functioning smoothly. The best way to learn to become an x-ray tech might be through a hospital program, but you also can learn, and get an Associate’s degree, from a college that offers the proper courses. This is a career opportunity that pays quite well, with average salaries being over $50,000 annually.

Jobs in the Philippines : How to Choose the Right Health Related Careers

October 7, 2013 | Filed under: Careers

Should You Think About A Career In The Medical Field.

Health care is a big part of the economy right now and it is one of the few sectors that is growing and creating jobs instead of losing them. The health care field has a lot of different careers within it and some are more demanded than others. Whether you’re wanting to get a new job or get more education, you should do your homework and learn as much about your local economy as you can. The following analysis of some interesting careers in the health field may spark some ideas in your mind.

The well-being industry is in great need of clinical expert professionals. For folks knowledgeable in the art of healing, there are many jobs in USA.For cities and municipalities like New York, jobs are extremely available- quite often more than the applicants themselves. Are you completely ready to apply?

Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures (2nd Edition)

February 12, 2013 | Filed under: Entrepreneurship

This lively book, containing many real-life examples, makes a thoughtful, practical guide to the process of launching new ventures. It begins by introducing a model of the entrepreneurial process, and follows the model throughout the book. Emphasis is placed on the beginnings of the entrepreneurial process – particularly opportunity recognition and feasibility analysis. A four part organization makes the journey …

Curriculum Vitae Templates

January 30, 2013 | Filed under: Resumes

This CD-ROM contains a selection of CV templates for academics, job hunters, and anyone who wishes to chronicle their education, work, and volunteer history. Ideal for scholarship applicants, promotion-seekers, and others. There are resume variations based on academic strengths, business experience, and skills. Choose from various designs and formats and customize by typing your information over the placeholder text in …

Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research: An Interdisciplinary Survey and Introduction (International Handbook Series on Entrepreneurship)

January 30, 2013 | Filed under: Entrepreneurship

Softcover version of the successful Handbook which sold over 500 copies world wide.

Brings together leading scholars from a broad spectrum of fields such as management, finance, economics, sociology and psychology.

Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development

January 29, 2013 | Filed under: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development delves into the current thinking on local entrepreneurship development programs and evaluates ways in which practitioners can implement successful entrepreneurship practices. Examining the role and potential for entrepreneurship programs in local economic development strategies, contributors to this edited collection have many years of experience working with entrerpreneurship initiatives in state and local governments. Focused on …